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[N5] ジョンさん日本へ

This is the first book about John-san in Japan by Kawamoto Kazuko. This part has two chapters - one about his arrival in Japan and one about a visit to the Kabuki theatre. I especially liked the characters John-san and Yuki in this book and how they were illustrated by Miyakawa Satoko. Their interactions remain… Continue reading [N5] ジョンさん日本へ

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[N5] うらしま たろう

Urashima Tarō is a Japanese folklore character. He rescues a turtle and rides on its back to the bottom of the sea, where the beautiful ocean princess Otohime is waiting for him. This retelling for N5 has rather short sentences, but includes some more unusual words. At about 5 sentences per page, it is also… Continue reading [N5] うらしま たろう

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[N5] ピーターラビットのお話(はなし)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is an old English picture book by Beatrix Potter, that you might be familiar with. It was rewritten by Io Aoi in simple Japanese and illustrated with the original pictures for the NPO Tagengo Tadoku. In this story, Peter Rabbit sneaks into McGregor's field to eat his carrots, against his… Continue reading [N5] ピーターラビットのお話(はなし)

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[N5] メッセージアプリ

What apps do you use to stay in touch with your friends? In Japan the most popular messaging app is LINE and this text by 本間 理恵 for the Mongolia Nihongo Tadoku Library talks about the apps's functions and it's history. I personally only use LINE for keeping in touch with friends in Japan and… Continue reading [N5] メッセージアプリ

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[N5] 圭太(けいた)とネコ石(いし) 1

Keita is new in town and spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts, walking through the rural landscape. While walking like that one day he saves the life of a cat, which in return decides to help him. This is the first part of the story of Keita and the cat. It is… Continue reading [N5] 圭太(けいた)とネコ石(いし) 1

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[N5] バナナは日本一

Which fruit is the most popular in Japan? It's bananas! Who would have thought? This text by レイラニ・デ・ベラ with some illustrations by Nakagoshi Naomi explains the background of bananas coming to Japan. The banana is most popular in Japan for many good reasons and the story of how and when it came to Japan was… Continue reading [N5] バナナは日本一