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[N4] お弁当(べんとう)って面白い

This non-fiction text by McPherson Tanaka Naemi is about bento - what types of bento there are, when the food culture around it emerged and how the discussions around it are also socially linked. This was very interesting to read! The reflections on social issues around bento were particularly interesting for me and I was… Continue reading [N4] お弁当(べんとう)って面白い

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Reading with オノマトペ

Expressions that depict sounds in an imitative way are called onomatopoeia and exist in many languages. They stand out most in media like comic and manga when words like boom or ぼーん are written on top of an explosion for example. So if you read a lot of manga, you will already be familiar with… Continue reading Reading with オノマトペ

Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 日本のパン屋(や)さん

What kind of baked goods will you find in a Japanese bakery? From anpan and meronpan, to yakisobapan, chokokorone and denisshupan, you're presented with a wide variety of pastries in this text by Nakagoshi Naomi and Asada Kaoru. There are definitely some peculiarities to find in a Japanese bakery. I was surprised at how thick… Continue reading [N4] 日本のパン屋(や)さん

Book Review, N5, Non-Fiction

[N5] バナナは日本一

Which fruit is the most popular in Japan? It's bananas! Who would have thought? This text by レイラニ・デ・ベラ with some illustrations by Nakagoshi Naomi explains the background of bananas coming to Japan. The banana is most popular in Japan for many good reasons and the story of how and when it came to Japan was… Continue reading [N5] バナナは日本一