Reading abilities close to the JLPT N3 are defined as follows:

One is able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics. One is also able to grasp summary information such as newspaper headlines. In addition, one is also able to read slightly difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and understand the main points of the content if some alternative phrases are available to aid one’s understanding.

Source: https://www.jlpt.jp/e/about/levelsummary.html

The free ressources I have linked here, will reflect that. There are many longer texts and stories, which rely on you knowing historical and/or cultural contexts. There are news articles and blogs. Furthermore, I have linked pages with free manga to read. If you are interested in reading manga, I recommend starting with a story depicting everyday life and possibly a series you are already familiar with.

Reading on level N3 will provide you with new contexts for vocabulary you already studied and you will also pick up some new more specified vocabulary. As always, if a story is too difficult or boring, just pick the next one.

Simple Stories with reading level

Many sites use the reading levels as defined by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku. For those with reading abilities similar to JLPT N3 the appropiate level is level 3-4.

News and Blogs

Fairy Tales and Folklore

Manga and Novels


  • Immersion Kit – readers for two NieR games and Legend of Zelda’s BotW. Read the dialog along to screenshots of the game. Audio, furigana and translations.

My recommendations for N3 readers: