With a reading comprehension comparable to the JLPT N4 you are able to read texts on everyday life and similar familiar topics. Appropiate texts for you will use typical textbook vocabulary and easy to comprehend grammar. Under these conditions however, you will be able to read longer stories like fairy tales, some news and blog articles and even some simple manga.

Reading on this level will broaden your vocabulary further and introduce you to new original stories and interesting articles. If a text is too difficult or boring, just pick the next one!

Simple Stories with reading level

Many sites use the reading levels as defined by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku. For those with reading abilities similar to JLPT N4 the appropiate level is level 2.

Tadoku Free Graded Readers
YomuJP Nihongo Tadoku Dōjō
Sakura Tadoku Lab

Blog Articles

Matcha Magazine
Hirogaru Nihongo

Getting started with reading Manga

Expressions by Scene: School
Crystal Hunters

Fairytales, Folklore and Picture Books

Wasabi: Fairy Tales and Short Stories
NHK: おはなしのくに

These are my recommendations for N4 readers: