As an intermediate to advanced reader, you have already aquired the fundamental and specialized vocabulary to read a broad variety of texts. Understanding news articles and following an authors narrative are furthermore both areas that are tested in the JLPT N2.

However, your reading abilities might still not suffice to fully comprehend all grammar encountered in Japanese novels and especially classical literature might still challange you with sentence structures and vocabulary no longer in use. The free reading resources for learners linked here consider this and either provide furigana on uncommon and specialized vocabulary or retell classic literature in modern Japanese language.

However, manga and light novels don’t provide these challenges and N2 is a great level to read and understand your first book or manga series in natural Japanese. Feel free to give these a try as well! And as always: If a book or text you chose is too difficult or boring, just pick the next one.

Texts and Stories for learners of Japanese

All these texts, books and stories are written with learners of Japanese in mind. This means they will have furigana and some vocabulary explanations when needed. Some sites use the reading levels as defined by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku. For those with reading abilities similar to JLPT N2 the appropiate level is level 4-5.

Resources created by other learners

To practice their writing abilities some learners publish diaries and short essays in Japanese. This in turn, may help your reading comprehension and you might even be able to provide feedback and engage in the discussion.

Fairy Tales

These links here will all lead you to reading material aimed at Japanese children. Thus, it will have fewer kanji and less complex grammar than other N2 texts but a wider variety in vocabulary.

Manga and Novels

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