Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] 君と花火

Yashiro sits next to new girl Yoshikawa in class and looks forward to seeing her every day. Although he seems to be completely content with their very platonic classroom relationship of him picking up her dropped eraser once and them occasionally doing partner exercises together in class, he eventually asks her out to enjoy the summer festival’s fireworks with him…

Published On: Tongari Books
Author: Endo Kazuhiko
Length: 7400字

Japanese summer festivals with their firework displays seem to be very popular as dating spots among middle and high schoolers in Japan, so it won’t surprise that this is a story about young love. But there is more to it. Through their conversations we find out a lot about Yoshiwara’s family, her issues in school and why she had to switch classes.

I liked how Yashiro and Yoshikawa interacted and how the story unveiled the info on Yoshikawa’s past. The ending came a bit unexpected, though, and I would have liked a bit more of a conclusion.

I’ve already recommended many stories written by Endo Kazuhiko and his page Tongari Books. Every story has furigana on every kanji and both grammar and vocabulary are intended to be understood by intermediate level language learners. You can read about other stories I liked from that site here! It’s a really cool project and an amazing reading resource for those inbetween intermediate and advanced.

You can read this story about young love, Japanese summer festivals and a transfer student’s dark past here:

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