Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] 君と花火

Yashiro sits next to new girl Yoshikawa in class and looks forward to seeing her every day. Although he seems to be completely content with their very platonic classroom relationship of him picking up her dropped eraser once and them occasionally doing partner exercises together in class, he eventually asks her out to enjoy the summer festival's fireworks with him...

Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] コーヒーでも飲みながら

By pure chance, Hasegawa comes into possession of a can of coffee one particular morning. Since he has no use for it, he simply gives it away when he has a chance. And that's how his story unfolds. This is a story in which the protagonist gives away his possessions to receive something else in… Continue reading [N2] コーヒーでも飲みながら

Book Review, Fiction, N4

[N4] 黒コウモリと白コウモリ

Sakasa is a bat with large, black wings, who one day meets Minmi, a bat with smaller white wings. Both of them seem to be completely different from another. But maybe they can still trust and support each other... Sakasa and Minmi This story by Endo Kazuhiko tells a beautiful tale about differences and similarities,… Continue reading [N4] 黒コウモリと白コウモリ

Book Review, N2

[N2] その女子高生は名探偵(めいたんてい)#1

High School detective Edani Kotori solves her first case! This story is by Kazuhiko Endo from Tongari Books, a website where you can read stories like blog entries. I absolutely love detective stories! Whether it's about a crime case or more of a mystery, I always enjoy the suspense and the typical characters that appear.… Continue reading [N2] その女子高生は名探偵(めいたんてい)#1

Book Review, Fiction, N3

[N3] トウキョウタワー

This story was published on Tongari Books - a site by Kazuhiko Endo that publishes fiction in easy Japanese to read in your browser. In トウキョウタワー Masashi tells his daughter Sakura the story of how he left his village to study painting in Tokyo. I was a bit confused at the beginning when the perspective… Continue reading [N3] トウキョウタワー