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[N4] 黒コウモリと白コウモリ

Sakasa is a bat with large, black wings, who one day meets Minmi, a bat with smaller white wings. Both of them seem to be completely different from another. But maybe they can still trust and support each other…

Sakasa and Minmi

This story by Endo Kazuhiko tells a beautiful tale about differences and similarities, while featuring some truly adorable illustrations!

The text is written in normal form and especially Sakasa’s and Minmi’s dialog also features more colloquial Japanese. Their story is definitely more complex than a simple comparison of their traits. However, through repetition and rephrasing it’s easy enough to keep up with the plot.

While the grammar should be fitting for N4 readers, the vocabulary in this text is a bit challenging. Some of the words used relate to bats specifically, while others are used to describe surroundings or the differences in behaviour. Because of this, I would recommend this story to those, who already have a broader vocabulary than required for N4 or to those who don’t mind looking words up while reading.

The story of the two bats Sakasa and Minmi can be read for free here:

Length: 3300字

Note: Because this story can be read in your browser, you can use an extension or addon to speed up checking the vocabulary. Read more about that here: Browser extensions for reading Japanese

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