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[N5] ハチの話(はなし)

Are you familiar with the story of the dog, that waited every day for his owner at Shibuya station? That is the story of Hachi and it got rewritten by Matsuda Midori for learners to enjoy in easy Japanese.

I personally mainly know Hachikō as the statue at Shibuya station and have never seen the inspired movies, but I think it’s truly impressive how widely known this story is today especially in pop culture.

With this retelling of the story appropriate for N5 reading abilities, I was mainly taken with the cute drawings by Satō Shigeru. We get to see Hachi as a little puppy and later during the tragic turn of the story the illustrations really pulled at my heart strings.

Both vocabulary and grammar are strikingly simple and easy to understand. This book is a really good example of successfully converting a story into easy Japanese for learners.

Hachi’s story is part of a graded reader book set by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku and ASK. There are 5 books in total in this set, which are all fictional or based on history like “The Tale of Hachi”.

The set is purchasable through Amazon Japan.

Length: 21 pages

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