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[N5] ハチの話(はなし)

Are you familiar with the story of the dog, that waited every day for his owner at Shibuya station? That is the story of Hachi and it got rewritten by Matsuda Midori for learners to enjoy in easy Japanese. I personally mainly know Hachikō as the statue at Shibuya station and have never seen the… Continue reading [N5] ハチの話(はなし)

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Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

Graded readers are a helpful tool for language learners, providing shorter books specifically tailored to their current level of reading comprehension. The vocabulary, grammar, and length of the books are carefully selected to match the reader's proficiency and to make sure that they can follow the story without too much difficulty - sometimes even without… Continue reading Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

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[N5] メッセージアプリ

What apps do you use to stay in touch with your friends? In Japan the most popular messaging app is LINE and this text by 本間 理恵 for the Mongolia Nihongo Tadoku Library talks about the apps's functions and it's history. I personally only use LINE for keeping in touch with friends in Japan and… Continue reading [N5] メッセージアプリ