Top Japanese Books of 2022: My Highlights

In 2022, I read more books in Japanese than ever before and with all that progress in reading comprehension was also able to finally enjoy reading some truly exceptional Japanese novels. In this post, I'll be sharing my personal highlights of this year and I'll also provide links to each book in case you want… Continue reading Top Japanese Books of 2022: My Highlights

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Introduction to reading Japanese novels – Where to get books with furigana

Reading novels in Japanese can be a real challenge if your reading flow comes to a stop every time you encounter a kanji you can't read. These books with 100% furigana on all kanji will help cutting back on that frustration so you can focus on reading in Japanese.

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How to start reading manga as a beginner

For many fans outside Japan, Japanese popular culture continues to be a central factor in why they are interested in the Japanese language. When I asked participants of the dokusho book club at the beginning what their goals were for reading in Japanese, some answered that they wanted to read a certain text in the… Continue reading How to start reading manga as a beginner

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Let’s read 「赤ずきんちゃん」

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most well known fairy tales collected by Brothers Grimm. While not a Japanese story in origin, because of its popularity it of course has many versions and retellings in Japanese as well. Since many of you are probably already very familiar with the story's plot, 赤(あか)ずきんちゃん is… Continue reading Let’s read 「赤ずきんちゃん」

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Let’s read 「かぐやひめ」

Are you interested in reading Japanese fairy tales? "Princess Kaguya" or "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" tells the story of an otherwordly beautiful young woman, who was found inside bamboo as a baby. It is said to be the oldest fairy tale romance in Japan (about 900 AD). Let's read this story together! Whether… Continue reading Let’s read 「かぐやひめ」

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Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

Graded readers are a helpful tool for language learners, providing shorter books specifically tailored to their current level of reading comprehension. The vocabulary, grammar, and length of the books are carefully selected to match the reader's proficiency and to make sure that they can follow the story without too much difficulty - sometimes even without… Continue reading Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

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Japanese Reading Challenge 2022 #dokushochallenge

Reading is such a good tool to improve your Japanese language abilities and one way to have fun with tracking your progress is a reading challenge! I've finally started a reading journal this year and really wanted to include some sort of challenge as well. I looked around and liked @studywithkat's challenge for learners of… Continue reading Japanese Reading Challenge 2022 #dokushochallenge

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Browser extensions for reading Japanese

Are you reading a lot in your browser? News sites, social media and blog posts don't always provide helpful furigana to help look up and understand the vocabulary used. A browser addon can really speed up this process! Whether you use chrome, firefox, safari, opera or edge as your preferred browser, there are extensions to… Continue reading Browser extensions for reading Japanese