Top Japanese Books of 2022: My Highlights

In 2022, I read more books in Japanese than ever before and with all that progress in reading comprehension was also able to finally enjoy reading some truly exceptional Japanese novels. In this post, I'll be sharing my personal highlights of this year and I'll also provide links to each book in case you want… Continue reading Top Japanese Books of 2022: My Highlights

Book Review, Fiction, Manga, N2

[N2] わたしが恋人になれるわけないじゃん、ムリムリ!

Renako desperately wants to have a best friend (親友(しんゆう)) when she enters high school, and her popular classmate Mai seems like the perfect match. Renako's plan seems doomed to failure, however, because Mai confesses her love to her shortly afterwards and would much rather be her girlfriend (恋人(こいびと)). After a short discussion, the two make… Continue reading [N2] わたしが恋人になれるわけないじゃん、ムリムリ!

Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] 君の膵臓(すいぞう)をたべたい

A nameless protagonist accidentally comes across the diary of his classmate Sakura and discovers that she suffers from an incurable pancreatic disease. From that point on, the two teenagers, who consider themselves polar opposites, are linked by this secret and decide on spending more time together. Already in the prologue, the narrative reveals how Sakura's… Continue reading [N2] 君の膵臓(すいぞう)をたべたい

Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] ぜんぶ、藍色(あいいろ)だった。

Tōka, 14 years old, is quiet and expresses herself mainly through pictures in the art club. When Ai, also 14, transfers to her school, she feels drawn to him. He lacks memories and the two are connected by the colour indigo (藍) and a strange, recurring dream. This light novel for young middle school children… Continue reading [N2] ぜんぶ、藍色(あいいろ)だった。