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[N2] わたしが恋人になれるわけないじゃん、ムリムリ!

Renako desperately wants to have a best friend (親友(しんゆう)) when she enters high school, and her popular classmate Mai seems like the perfect match. Renako’s plan seems doomed to failure, however, because Mai confesses her love to her shortly afterwards and would much rather be her girlfriend (恋人(こいびと)). After a short discussion, the two make a deal: they meet both as best friends and as girlfriends and try to convince each other of the benefits.

Originally a light novel by Mikami Teren, I read the manga version illustrated by Mussha and Takeshima Eku. The plot of the first light novel is equal to what happens in the first two manga volumes.

There are no furigana in this manga series, but I actually found it quite easy to read as a humorous romance manga set in a high school. Renako does use some internet/ gaming terms, though, that I was unfamiliar with.

The whole concept of the manga is just very entertaining and the characters are all well-written. Renako’s group of friends at school are all adorable and I like the idea that further novels and manga volumes go on to explore her relationships with them all. However, I must say that while I was indeed moved to tears by the end of manga volume 4, it’s really Renako’s and Mai’s relationship in these first 2 volumes that I enjoyed most.

You can read a short sample (3 chapters) of this manga here at the publisher’s site. A physical copy is purchasable via Amazon Japan (affiliate link).

Length: 192 pages

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