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I want to help you find texts, books, articles and stories appropriate for your language abilities. On this site you can browse links to free reading resources and read my personal book reviews.

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From N5 to N2 there are many great texts to enjoy

[N2] かがみの孤城(こじょう)

Upon enrolling in the local middle school, Kokoro loses the courage to actually attend. While isolating herself in her room, her bedroom mirror begins to glow, allowing her access to the mirror castle, where she meets six other children who are supposed to be in school and a younger girl in a wolf mask.

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[N3] 野(の)ばら

On the border of two countries stands a monument with wild roses, where two opposing soldiers meet every day. They become friends but it’s short-lived once war breaks out between their nations.

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About me

I am Ariane and I began doing extensive reading in Japanese during my exchange year in 2020. At my university in Germany, I founded a Japanese book club after my return and continued to read numerous stories, texts and articles.

I made this site to share the resources I gathered over the last years and to give recommendations to learners, who would like to read more, but don’t know where to start. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch!