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I want to help you find texts, books, articles and stories appropriate for your language abilities. On this site you can browse links to free reading resources and read my personal book reviews.

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From N5 to N2 there are many great texts to enjoy

[N2] 君の膵臓(すいぞう)をたべたい

A nameless protagonist accidentally comes across the diary of his classmate Sakura and discovers that she suffers from an incurable pancreatic disease. From that point on, the two teenagers, who consider themselves polar opposites, are linked by this secret and decide on spending more time together. Already in the prologue, the narrative reveals how Sakura’s illness will progress. It is…

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[N5] どん、どん、どん

donburi is the Japanese name for a large bowl of rice where the main dish (e.g. meat or fish) is served on top. Depending on these other ingredients on top of the rice, those dishes are called different names, but all of them end in ~どん. This text written by Kondo Maiko at the Japan Foundation’s writing workshop in Malaysia…

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[N3] 飯田(いいだ)くん

Iida Kunihiko was born in Manchuria in 1942, but was soon brought to Hiroshima by his mother. There he experiences and survives the atomic bombing in 1945… This story was created by the NPO 平和(へいわ)の大切(たいせつ)さを伝(つた)える日本語教材(にほんごきょうざい)をつくる会(かい) which I would translate as ‘Association for the creation of Japanese language teaching materials to convey the importance of peace’. Iida Kunihiko is a real-life…

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About me

I am Ariane and I began doing extensive reading in Japanese during my exchange year in 2020. At my university in Germany, I founded a Japanese book club after my return and continued to read numerous stories, texts and articles.

I made this site to share the resources I gathered over the last years and to give recommendations to learners, who would like to read more, but don’t know where to start. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch!