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Japanese Reading Challenge 2022 #dokushochallenge

Reading is such a good tool to improve your Japanese language abilities and one way to have fun with tracking your progress is a reading challenge! I’ve finally started a reading journal this year and really wanted to include some sort of challenge as well.

I looked around and liked @studywithkat‘s challenge for learners of any language (here) and also @ko.studygram‘s challenges from last year (e.g. holiday and halloween challenge). But I wanted a challenge specifically for learners of Japanese regardless of their language ability – so I made one myself!

Here are the rules:

And this is the challenge:

I write recommendations for books and texts on this blog, so if you are entirely new to reading in Japanese and don’t know where to even start, please have a look around. Whether you have just memorized hiragana or are already on your way to advanced, I might have just the story for you!

Of course you may modify this challenge in any way you like. For example, the amount of articles, blog posts or poems can be lower or higher than 10. Or if you don’t have a Japanese language teacher to recommend you a book, any other kind of recommendation works as well.

I’m excited to fill out this bingo myself, but I want to hear about the stories and texts you read as well! So don’t forget to tag your progress #dokushochallenge – I will interact!

Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s start reading!

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