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[N5] メッセージアプリ

What apps do you use to stay in touch with your friends? In Japan the most popular messaging app is LINE and this text by 本間 理恵 for the Mongolia Nihongo Tadoku Library talks about the apps’s functions and it’s history.

I personally only use LINE for keeping in touch with friends in Japan and friends from abroad, whom I met in Japan. The stickers are probably my favorite part of the app and I envy my friends who have really cool ones.

Even though I use LINE, I wasn’t familiar with its history and there were things in this text that I didn’t know about. For example, I hadn’t been aware that the app’s development had a connection to the 2011 great earthquake.

The grammar used in this text is easy to follow and furigana, spacing and the use of images help with understanding the vocabulary.

This text and others at the Mongolia Nihongo Tadoku Library are written by learners of Japanese and published with supervision of their language teachers. You can read the text about LINE here:

Length: 15 pages

2 thoughts on “[N5] メッセージアプリ”

  1. Hallo Ariane, thank you for sharing this text! I also did not know that it was introduced in 2011 after the Great earthquake. I thought it was a Korean app. I first used it when I was living in Düsseldorf and I use it a lot now that I live in Japan (you can communicate with 宅急便 to plan the delivery date and time, very convenient!). LINEの可愛いステッカーも好きです:)

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