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[N4] はるちゃんの学校生活(がっこうせいかつ)

Haru experiences a typical day at school. You will accompany her from walking to school, through homeroom, classes and club activities, to finally homework and falling asleep. This short manga was written and illustrated by Yagi Yukari for the Japan Foundation’s anime-manga learning site.

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This is honestly such a cool project! Every page of this manga was written specifically with learners in mind to teach both language and culture through manga as a medium.

You can hover over the character lines and onomatopoeia to get a translation in English and the text is also clickable to play a sound file for authentic pronounciation.

Every page also provides extra cultural information to click on and receive some context e.g. for Japanese food, clothing or phrases.

A page from the manga highlighted to explain how to use the resource.

The manga aims at recreating typical scenes from a slice-of-life manga set in a high school, although these kind of scenes and expressions of course also feature in other genres with a high school setting (romance, gag manga, etc.). Because of this however, there isn’t much of a plot or story progression in Haru’s story itself.

Challenge yourself to some manga practise with Haru here: (there’s also a quiz when you finish!)

Length: 30 pages

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    1. ありがとう。そうですね、本当に便利なサイトです。特に最後のオノマトペについてのクイズがよかったです。オノマトペなら、私はまだまだ勉強することがたくさんあります。


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