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[N3] 大きな帽子(ぼうし)の女

This is a story about a young man, Ueda Kazuo, who reflects on his family and his career and just why his life has been this way so far. When a woman with a big hat enters his life on his 35th birthday, he believes that now his life will turn around. With more than… Continue reading [N3] 大きな帽子(ぼうし)の女

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[N4] はるちゃんの学校生活(がっこうせいかつ)

Haru experiences a typical day at school. You will accompany her from walking to school, through homeroom, classes and club activities, to finally homework and falling asleep. This short manga was written and illustrated by Yagi Yukari for the Japan Foundation's anime-manga learning site. picture credit: This is honestly such a cool project! Every… Continue reading [N4] はるちゃんの学校生活(がっこうせいかつ)