Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] 君と花火

Yashiro sits next to new girl Yoshikawa in class and looks forward to seeing her every day. Although he seems to be completely content with their very platonic classroom relationship of him picking up her dropped eraser once and them occasionally doing partner exercises together in class, he eventually asks her out to enjoy the summer festival's fireworks with him...

Book Review, Fiction, Manga, N3

[N3] 君の名は。

When Mitsuha and Taki wake up, they sometimes find themselves in the wrong body. Mitsuha experiences life as Taki in Tokyo and Taki learns about Mitsuha's life as a shrine maiden in a small town. They leave eachother messages in their notebooks and phones, but of course still cause some problems for each other. Publisher:… Continue reading [N3] 君の名は。

Book Review, Fiction, N2

[N2] 美知子(みちこ)の星空

Michiko, 25, is invited to a class reunion and slightly nervous. However, her former class mate Hiroshi is immediatly taken with her and Michiko looks up into the night sky to make a wish... Written for the NPO Tagengo Tadoku by Ōtsuka Emi and Kawamoto Kazuko. This is a romance story with slice-of-life and coming-of-age… Continue reading [N2] 美知子(みちこ)の星空