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[N3] 君の名は。

When Mitsuha and Taki wake up, they sometimes find themselves in the wrong body. Mitsuha experiences life as Taki in Tokyo and Taki learns about Mitsuha’s life as a shrine maiden in a small town. They leave eachother messages in their notebooks and phones, but of course still cause some problems for each other.

This is the manga based on the film of the same name by Makoto Shinkai. It consists of three volumes illustrated by Kotone Ranmaru.

It’s been a while since I last saw the movie, but I had a feeling that there was some extra dialogue in this version. I also appreciated how the panels were not just copied from the scenes, but were realised somewhat independently.

All the kanji in this manga have furigana and of course the story is also very easy to follow if you know the film already. I do consider this first volume a good place to start reading manga for readers about N3 actually. Most interactions in this volume take place in school, at Taki’s part time job or in cafés. The explanations about Mitsuha’s shrine maiden duties and the shintoistic concepts represented are more difficult though!

You can order this first manga of the series through Amazon Japan. Also an official reading sample of the first 37 pages can be found on the publishers website. Just click on the blue button labeled 試し読み=reading sample.

Length: 164 pages

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