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[N3] かぐや姫(ひめ)

This version of the fairy tale of Princess Kaguya for learners with N3 abilities was written by Takahashi Sōko for a graded reader series by ask and NPO Tagengo Tadoku. I've introduced it already during the #letsreadkaguyahime reading challenge. Kaguya is found inside fresh cut bamboo as a child and grows up to become a… Continue reading [N3] かぐや姫(ひめ)

Book Review, Fiction, N3

[N3] 注文(ちゅうもん)の多い料理店(りょうりてん)

Two hunters come across a restaurant in the forest. A sign on the door announces: This restaurant has many orders. With every door they pass through and every room they enter, the two slowly get an inkling of what this might mean... "The Restaurant of Many Orders" is a short story by Miyazawa Kenji from… Continue reading [N3] 注文(ちゅうもん)の多い料理店(りょうりてん)

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[N3] キツネ踊り(おどり)

This is a story by Sasaki Mie about first-year student Ichirō visiting his grandma on Himeshima. On Himeshima they celebrate the festival of Obon with a traditional 'fox dance'. Ichirō decides on taking part in the tradition and receives help from a boy named Rin. I really liked about this book, that I didn't just… Continue reading [N3] キツネ踊り(おどり)

Book Review, Fiction, N3

[N3] トウキョウタワー

This story was published on Tongari Books - a site by Kazuhiko Endo that publishes fiction in easy Japanese to read in your browser. In トウキョウタワー Masashi tells his daughter Sakura the story of how he left his village to study painting in Tokyo. I was a bit confused at the beginning when the perspective… Continue reading [N3] トウキョウタワー

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This article by travel and lifestyle magazine matcha gives a comprehensive overview of Japanese teas: Starting with Matcha and Sencha, a total of 9 varieties are presented here, including their production and flavor profile. It was interesting learning about the varieties of tea. I hadn't really thought about the differences between teas made from tea… Continue reading [N3]日本のお茶の種類(しゅるい)