Book Review, N2

[N2] その女子高生は名探偵(めいたんてい)#1

High School detective Edani Kotori solves her first case! This story is by Kazuhiko Endo from Tongari Books, a website where you can read stories like blog entries.

I absolutely love detective stories! Whether it’s about a crime case or more of a mystery, I always enjoy the suspense and the typical characters that appear.

In this story, the case to solve is a series of burglaries in which planned absences of the victims are exploited. Kotori suspects a connection of the victims at a nearby family restaurant…

Because I have read other detective stories in Japanese before, most of the specialized vocabulary used in this story was already familiar to me. If this will be your first time reading a story of this genre, have a look at the vocabulary list:

Vocabulary list

I’ve put together a short vocabulary list for this text, while I’ve read it.

This is not a full list of all vocabulary used!

You can read Kotoris first case here for free:

Lenght of the text: ca. 5000 characters

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