Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 田んぼの生き物(いきもの)

The author Seto Toshihiko describes in this text his Sunday trip to a rice field with his two children. They are looking for various animals living among the sheafs of rice.

I found this description of a Sunday trip very cute. The children obviously love nature and being outside and it was quite adorable being taken along with them and learning about rice field wildlife alongside these two.

Seto Toshihiko includes many pictures of this trip, which really adds to the feeling of being right there with them, but also is key in learning the names of the different animals.

This non-fiction text can be read on, where many more non-fiction works by JLPT level are published:田んぼの生き物(たんぼのいきもの)/

Length: ca. 1000 characters

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