Book Review, Fiction, N5

[N5] 圭太(けいた)とネコ石(いし) 1

Keita is new in town and spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts, walking through the rural landscape. While walking like that one day he saves the life of a cat, which in return decides to help him.

This is the first part of the story of Keita and the cat. It is written in simple vocabulary and desu/masu form – only literal speech is rendered in dictionary form verbs. This choice helps learner who start with desu/masu understanding what’s going on, while still accustoming them to everyday speech.

I love how this is an entire novel written so that even beginners will have a clear grasp of the plot. Another way this book achieves that besides the easy verb forms is repetition though, so the plot doesn’t develop fast in this book.

There are two more books to this series, that I haven’t read, yet. I’m looking forward to them!

Access to this story and many more on different reading levels is available for free after creating an account on this website:

Length: ca. 3000 characters

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