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[N5] 招き猫(まねきねこ)

You have probably seen these white and red cat figures somewhere as decoration. They generally have one paw raised or sometimes it’s moving back and forth. Also, they usually either hold a sign with calligraphic characters or it’s hanging from their collar. They are called manekineko and this book tells a legend of their possible origin.

Book Review, Fiction, N5

[N5] 圭太(けいた)とネコ石(いし) 1

Keita is new in town and spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts, walking through the rural landscape. While walking like that one day he saves the life of a cat, which in return decides to help him. This is the first part of the story of Keita and the cat. It is… Continue reading [N5] 圭太(けいた)とネコ石(いし) 1