Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 日本のパン屋(や)さん

What kind of baked goods will you find in a Japanese bakery? From anpan and meronpan, to yakisobapan, chokokorone and denisshupan, you’re presented with a wide variety of pastries in this text by Nakagoshi Naomi and Asada Kaoru.

There are definitely some peculiarities to find in a Japanese bakery. I was surprised at how thick a slice of toast was and I often had difficulties finding bread that wasn’t sweet, while I was in Japan. However, I’m really missing the crunch of good meronpan since I’m back!

This text contains many katakana words that are somewhat difficult to identify, like かつサンド、シュークリーム or アンズジャム. However, this makes this text a good katakana reading exercise. Remember that not all words written in katakana are derived from English, and even if they are, they may be heavily abbreviated or part of a compound word.

You can find this text here:

Length: 13 pages (ca. 2000字)

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