Book Review, N3, Non-Fiction

[N3] しいたけ

This text explains, from the perspective of an exchange student from Kenya, how a mushroom farm works and why there are so many of them in Ōita Prefecture. It was written by 渡辺わたなべ若菜わかな for the 「大分おおいたはつわくわくみものをつくるかい」and published as a level 3 story on the NPO Tagengo Tadoku’s free graded reader site.

I liked how this story moved somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. There was a first person narrator and some plot as well as historical facts about Ōita Prefecture and biological facts on shiitake mushrooms. I had almost no prior knowledge of mushroom cultivation and the science behind that so it really felt like I was learning a lot while reading.

Languagewise, there is some technical vocabulary involved in those biological explanations, but it is usually explained in more detail in the next sentence, so I found it rather easy to follow along.

You can find the full text here:

Length: 34 pages

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