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[N5] どん、どん、どん

donburi is the Japanese name for a large bowl of rice where the main dish (e.g. meat or fish) is served on top. Depending on these other ingredients on top of the rice, those dishes are called different names, but all of them end in ~どん. This text written by Kondo Maiko at the Japan… Continue reading [N5] どん、どん、どん

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[N4] サムライ漫画(まんが)

You can get a taste of samurai manga with this story about a nameless rōnin who experiences a typical day full of fights, selfish heroism and hospitality. This short manga was written and illustrated by Yuki Sengoku for the Japan Foundation's anime-manga website. The language of this manga itself can be challenging, but with the… Continue reading [N4] サムライ漫画(まんが)

Book Review, N5, Non-Fiction

[N5] 動物(どうぶつ)の声(こえ)

What sound does a sheep make? Baaa! Or in Japanese, 「メー」. In this case, English and Japanese differs, but the German word is very similar: määäh! How about a dog, a rooster or an elephant? Find out in this text by Seto Toshihiko on Nihongo Tadoku Dōjō. This text has many pictures and audio embeddings,… Continue reading [N5] 動物(どうぶつ)の声(こえ)

Book Review, Fiction, N4

[N4] ヴィトリアレジア

In this indigenous story from Brazil the moon goddess chooses the most beautiful girls on earth to make them into stars. This version for readers about N4 was rewritten in easy Japanese by an exchange student named Antonio for the NPO Tagengo Tadoku's free graded readers. The title of this story is the katakana transcription… Continue reading [N4] ヴィトリアレジア

Book Review, Fiction, N5

[N5] デカりんご

A huge apple grows in a field in northern Japan. It is too big to harvest, too big to sell and too big to eat… This story was written by Nakano Mayuko for the NPO Tagengo Tadoku. The entire story is written from the point of view of the apple itself, which was interesting. I… Continue reading [N5] デカりんご

Book Review, Fiction, N3

[N3] 少女とシロクマ

A girl from Russia endures the coldest time of the year, but her mother becomes sick. It is a long way to the next town, but she sets out to find a doctor amidst the heavy snow. This story was written by ディナ・クスヌリナ and her sister スヴェトラナ drew the cute illustrations. It was published on… Continue reading [N3] 少女とシロクマ