Book Review, N5, Non-Fiction

[N5] どん、どん、どん

donburi is the Japanese name for a large bowl of rice where the main dish (e.g. meat or fish) is served on top. Depending on these other ingredients on top of the rice, those dishes are called different names, but all of them end in ~どん.

This text written by Kondo Maiko at the Japan Foundation’s writing workshop in Malaysia presents 5 of these delicious ~どん meals with many pictures and in a dialogue structure that is based on textbook Japanese and therefore easy to understand.

Many donburi dishes are reminiscent of home cooking and with that nostalgia, I believe they are the ultimate comfort food in Japan. I must admit, I mostly had 牛丼(ぎゅうどん)at a popular chain store while I was in Japan, but since I’m back from my exchange year, I’ve been trying out recipes for 親子丼(おやこどん) to cook at home (still looking for a good dashi substitute though…).

You can read this text for free here at the Malaysia Books Tadoku Project. It is downloadable as a PDF file and also has an audio file to read along with.

Length: 15 pages

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