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[N3] 少女とシロクマ

A girl from Russia endures the coldest time of the year, but her mother becomes sick. It is a long way to the next town, but she sets out to find a doctor amidst the heavy snow.

This story was written by ディナ・クスヌリナ and her sister スヴェトラナ drew the cute illustrations. It was published on NPO Tagengo Tadoku’s free graded reader library.

As a level 4 story, reading would require intermediate skills inbetween N3 and N2. However, I believe that N3 is perfectly adequate for this story, which only features some minor N2 grammar points.

Otherwise, the story is written in short, but fitting sentences with vocabulary, that is either known from intermediate textbooks or that becomes clear through how it is used in context (分厚(ぶあつ)いコート was a great example for that!).

The story of the girl and the polar bear can be read for free here:

Length: 14 pages

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