Book Review, Fiction, N5

[N5] 山に行きました

In this story, a dog named ウィンリー goes on a camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Camping in the mountains can be fun and exciting, but especially hot summer days can also carry some big hidden dangers.

Publisher: NPO Tagengo Tadoku
Author: ディアナボジャノバ
Length: 10 pages

This is a recently published story for the free graded reader collection and it was once more written in cooperation with an exchange student just like 「ヴぃトリアレジア」or 「少女しょうじょとシロクマ」.

The illustrations here reminded me of comics I read as a child! I also liked the choice of having the dog as the main character going camping: it made me giggle when I realized the dog was driving the car on one page.

The story uses a basic vocabulary with only one slightly more uncommon word per page. Combined with the pictures and the simple grammar it’s fairly easy to understand everything in this book with a reading comprehension around N5.

Like the other free graded readers by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku you can download this book as a pdf file and print it out as a little book.

Read this book for free here:

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