Book Review, N5, Non-Fiction

[N5] 動物(どうぶつ)の声(こえ)

What sound does a sheep make? Baaa! Or in Japanese, 「メー」. In this case, English and Japanese differs, but the German word is very similar: määäh! How about a dog, a rooster or an elephant? Find out in this text by Seto Toshihiko on Nihongo Tadoku Dōjō.

This text has many pictures and audio embeddings, which makes it very easy to pick up new words for animals – and of course their sounds!

The topic of this text may seem a bit childish, but that does not detract from the learning effect, in my opinion. After all, the sounds of animals are different in every language and while learning them is probably not a priority, they are certainly good to know!

You can read this text on animal sounds here: They also just released a second part, so be sure to check that one out, too!

Length: about 600字

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