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[N2] 30歳まで童貞(どうてい)だと魔法使いになれるらしい

The day after his 30th birthday, virgin Adachi Kiyoshi suddenly possesses the ability to hear another person’s thoughts when he touches them. After some accidental contact with his charming colleague Kurosawa Yuichi, Adachi learns of the passionate feelings Kurosawa has for him. This manga series by Toyota Yuu is also known as 「チェリまほ」/ “Cherry Magic” and recently got a live action series and a movie.

I especially loved how the story worked with very little set up. Readers get to immediately know the main characters and their situation and that made me invested from the start. I’m curious how this story will further develop and if Adachi’s magic will help him get closer to his coworker (and will his new abilities disappear after he loses his virginity?).

Since Adachi’s and Kurosawa’s relationship mostly develops at work, there are many words and kanji that relate to the typical everyday business of a Japanese salaryman. Some expressions and situations can be complicated to follow, but interactions between the main characters are easily understandable.

This manga series can actually be followed in large parts through pixiv! The first 4 chapters – which is the entire first volume of the manga! – are uploaded in full on Those interested in purchasing the series can of course also find it on Amazon Japan.

Length: 144 pages

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