Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 北海道(ほっかいどう)

What do you know about Japan's most northern prefecture Hokkaidō? This little guide by Endo Kazuhiko introduces you to Hokkaidō's landscapes, animals, tourist spots and famous food. I found the grammar points and sentence structures of this text very easy to understand with an N4 reading comprehension, but the vocabulary used is more complex than… Continue reading [N4] 北海道(ほっかいどう)

Book Review, Fiction, Manga, N4

[N4] 黒子(くろこ)

This is a short manga by Mulan Zhang, a learner of Japanese language and participant of the Smith College Tadoku Project writing workshop. 'Kuroko' is the name of a deceased cat, belonging to protagonist Shinichi. In this story Shinichi visits Kuroko's grave as suddenly, a cat appears from behind the stone that looks exactly like… Continue reading [N4] 黒子(くろこ)