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[N5] ゆいさんの一日

In this short story we get to know Yui, who hurries to get to her Japanese class on time. Although this little writing project by Elaine Yan is rather short, I believe it's an amazing example how even a short essay for your Japanese class can become a valuable little reading resource for others. With… Continue reading [N5] ゆいさんの一日

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[N4] 黒子(くろこ)

This is a short manga by Mulan Zhang, a learner of Japanese language and participant of the Smith College Tadoku Project writing workshop. 'Kuroko' is the name of a deceased cat, belonging to protagonist Shinichi. In this story Shinichi visits Kuroko's grave as suddenly, a cat appears from behind the stone that looks exactly like… Continue reading [N4] 黒子(くろこ)