Book Review, Fiction, N5

[N5] 冬(ふゆ)のさんぽ

In a cold and snowy winter town, best friends Anna and Rhys are looking for some hot soup to warm them up. They meet a dog on their way.

Publisher: Smith College’s Tadoku Project
Author & illustrator: Stella Iansiti
Length: 8 pages

This story was written by a learner for the Smith College’s Tadoku project and it features absolutely stunning handdrawn illustrations. It looks like it could be published as a children’s book!

The story itself also reminded me of a typical winter tale aimed at kids because it was so cute and wholesome.

Additionally, the language is very simple. The author uses a lot of dialog featuring exclamations and set phrases in short sentences. You will only encounter a select few kanji, but those that do appear will all have furigana, which makes this a great read for anyone with N5 abilities.

Here’s where you can check out the project and other stories by learners. You can directly acces this story or download it as a pdf through this link:

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