Book Review, N3, Non-Fiction

[N3] 飯田(いいだ)くん

Iida Kunihiko was born in Manchuria in 1942, but was soon brought to Hiroshima by his mother. There he experiences and survives the atomic bombing in 1945… This story was created by the NPO 平和(へいわ)の大切(たいせつ)さを伝(つた)える日本語教材(にほんごきょうざい)をつくる会(かい) which I would translate as 'Association for the creation of Japanese language teaching materials to convey the importance of peace'.… Continue reading [N3] 飯田(いいだ)くん

Book Review, N2, Non-Fiction

[N2] 広島・宮島(ひろしま・みやじま)

This short non-fiction book is a graded reader by Nagazaki Atsuko and it introduces you to important points of interest for the city of Hiroshima and the island of Miyajima. I found all the information here well summarised in a comprehensible way. Level 4 in the reading level overview by the NPO Tagengo Tadoku is… Continue reading [N2] 広島・宮島(ひろしま・みやじま)