Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 原宿(はらじゅく)のクレープ店

Around the street Takeshita Doori in Harajuku there are several popular crêpe stands, that made the area famous for this tasty treat. This article on provides a closer look at 3 of these shops and describes the crêpes you can buy there. Unfortunately, I'm not one for that much whipped cream, but Harajuku crepes… Continue reading [N4] 原宿(はらじゅく)のクレープ店

Book Review, N2, Non-Fiction

[N2] 感染症(かんせんしょう)と音楽の 類似点 (るいじてん)

If you've been following news in Japanese over the last two years, you will likely be familiar with words like 感染(かんせん)、症状(しょうじょう) or 流行(りゅうこう)*. The Japanese article (by Katō Sanae) I'm reviewing today refers to a paper from Canada, that calculated the spread of music using the methods for viral infections - and therefore also the… Continue reading [N2] 感染症(かんせんしょう)と音楽の 類似点 (るいじてん)