Book Review, N4, Non-Fiction

[N4] 原宿(はらじゅく)のクレープ店

Around the street Takeshita Doori in Harajuku there are several popular crêpe stands, that made the area famous for this tasty treat. This article on provides a closer look at 3 of these shops and describes the crêpes you can buy there.

Unfortunately, I’m not one for that much whipped cream, but Harajuku crepes have a great variety and there are also some with ice cream or custard that I really liked. If you ever have the chance, by all means try it out!

There are numerous reading aids like translations and annotation included right in this article. There are also a few more difficult parts, but as the topic itself is quite accessible with an N4 vocabulary, I can very much recommend this article to readers of that level.

If you would like to read it, you can access the full article in easy Japanese here.

Length: ca. 1200字

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