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[N3] ふしぎ駄菓子屋(だがしや)銭天堂(ぜにてんどう)

This children’s book by Hiroshima Reiko is about a magical candy shop that seems to pop up whenever a little magic is needed in the lives of their future customers. From young to old, poor to rich, the customers either find their fortune here or an important lesson in their lives.

Each of the 6 chapters revolves around a different piece of candy and a different life story, which really kept me enjoying reading this book every time I picked it up for another chapter.

I loved the idea of mermaid gummi candy, haunted ice cream or Taiyaki that you have to fish for first. But even more than these wonderfully whimsical candies and treats I enjoyed the dark turns the story took with their magic whenever customers neglected to read the instructions.

There are furigana on characters that are above an elementary school reading level. Names are each provided with furigana once per page. The vocabulary is rather varied, but because of the age-appropriate repetition, you can follow along very well!

You can get this first book of the series through Amazon Japan. This is an affiliate link.

Length: 149 pages

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