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[N5] 大きい かばん と 小さい かばん

Two bags in a shop are comparing each other. One bag is big, the other small. They can fit different things and will find that this also means that they will have different uses.

This is a story written originally by Yumeno Kyūsaku in 1923 but it was rewritten in easy Japanese by Harada Teruko for the Sakura Tadoku Lab.

I was left a bit puzzled at the end of the story, so I had a look at the original. With the easy Japanese version, I felt like the ending was unexpectedly left open. But the original reads more like an alegorical tale. If you decide to read it, I’d like to hear your opinion on it!

This short story has a fairly manageable vocabulary, that gets repeated often and therefore makes for an easy read. Readers should be proficient in N5 grammar, though. The story of the two bags can be read as an ePub or html file and there is a reading comprehension quiz at the end. To access the story you’ll need to create a free account at

Length: 1800字

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