Book Review, N2, Non-Fiction

[N2] 感染症(かんせんしょう)と音楽の 類似点 (るいじてん)

If you’ve been following news in Japanese over the last two years, you will likely be familiar with words like 感染(かんせん)症状(しょうじょう) or 流行(りゅうこう)*. The Japanese article (by Katō Sanae) I’m reviewing today refers to a paper from Canada, that calculated the spread of music using the methods for viral infections – and therefore also the vocabulary!

I wasn’t sure getting into this text, if I really wanted to read an article about infections and viral spread during the pandemic. But it surprised me with the music focus and the good job on the presentation of the study results. I actually found it both informative and entertaining.

As mentioned, the vocabulary used is close to news coverage around the Covid-19 pandemic, so if you are already familiar with these words, this article will be a comfortable read for you. The grammar is fitting for a scientific presentation (but still in です/ます), so that might be a challenge to those inexperienced with that type of text.

You can read the article here:

Length: ca. 1000字

*感染(かんせん)= infection 症状(しょうじょう)= symptomps 流行(りゅうこう) =prevalence (of a disease); trend

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