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[N2] 暗殺(あんさつ)教室

Assassination Classroom by Matsui Yusei was an insanely popular series a few years ago and for a reason. While it tells the story of a class of middle school students being tasked with killing their octopus-like teacher, it also features dealing with school system inequality and wholesome teacher-student-relations.

I had watched the anime a few years back and really enjoyed the story’s themes of growing up and finding your place while literally fighting to be acknowledged. The first volume establishes the main characters and sets up the plot that will unfold later.

There will be some vocabulary to look up, but this manga has furigana and since most of the scenes play out in school, you will encounter many common school phrases that you may already know from your textbooks.

You can read the entire 12 volumes of this series on here:

This manga is available for free until August 4th 2022. I will update this post with a new link, as soon as it becomes free again in the future! Until then you can purchase the manga through amazon here (affiliate link).

Length: 189 pages

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