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[N2] 日本人の知らない日本語 #I

Umino Nagiko is a teacher at a Japanese language school and shares through comic essays some anecdotes from her everyday teaching life while answering questions on Japanese language and culture posed in her classes. There are both comic parts and essay parts for each chapter. When I read this first book, I mostly read it… Continue reading [N2] 日本人の知らない日本語 #I

Book Review, N3, Non-Fiction

[N3] 日本の都市の落書き(らくがき)

落書(らくが)き means scribble, doodle or graffiti. In Japan, too, there are graffiti artists who have left their marks here and there. In this text by writing team ニコール and ソフィ you will be introduced to a few places in Japan where graffiti art can be found. The text is part of the Smith College's Tadoku… Continue reading [N3] 日本の都市の落書き(らくがき)