Book Review, N5, Non-Fiction

[N5] 日本のおもしろいカフェ

There are many interesting cafés in Japan, and many of them have some kind of gimmick! This short book by Dini Budiani introduces some Japanese café concepts that you could try out on your next visit to Japan.

I miss being in Japan and going to cafés there. I enjoyed many chocolate mint frappucinos during the hot sommer days and sat down to study in one, when I was preparing for the JLPT later that year. The highlight was undoubtedly when I went to a cat café with a friend. The cats were just chilling around us while we had a coffee.

This book mentions these kind of cafés and many more. The language and grammar are very easy, so first time readers will be able to read it as well.

You can find this book on Tadoku Unri under this link:にほんのおもしろいカフェ/

Length: 9 pages

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