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[N3] 赤ずきんちゃん

This post is part of the #letsreadakazukinchan reading challenge. I’ve read the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood in fairy tale database hukumusume’s version.

This retelling was the longest of all versions I’ve put together for the challenge. This was mostly because there was a lot of dialog added while also keeping the descriptions.

(あか)ずきんちゃん was so careless in this version! When her mother tells her not to dawdle around, she even explicitly warns her about the wolf. But the girl just says cheerfully:「はい、お母さん。大丈夫よ」and well, then she forgets about it, haha.

With reading abilities about N3, some words and expressions in this text can be challenging. That’s why I’d mostly recommend this version to readers, who already know the fairy tale. With this kind of basic understanding, it’s actually not that difficult to make sense of these unknown expressions.

To further help with that, I’ve made a small vocabulary list of words that appeared in the text:

  • (あか)いビロードのきれ = cloth of red velvet
  • 上等(じょうとう)なブドウ(しゅ) = excellent wine
  • みちくさ = dawdling, linger, loiter
  • 丸飲(まるの)み = swallowing whole, swallowing without chewing
  • まんぷく = full stomach, eating one’s fill
  • いびきをかいて()る = to snore
  • 猟師(りょうし) = hunter, huntsman
  • 鉄砲(てっぽう) = gun)
  • ひどいめにあった = to go through a bitter experience
  • こらしめる = to punish
  • ぬいあわせる = to sew up, to sew together

You can find this version here:

Length: 3200字

For the #letsreadakazukinchan reading challenge, I’ve collected versions of Little Red Riding Hood in Japanese for N5 up to N1 abilities.

If you tried this version and it was too hard or too easy for you, please have a look at the other texts!

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