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[N2] ミステリと言う勿れ(なかれ) #1

Kunō Totonō is making curry on a calm winter’s day when the police suddenly appear at his door. He is a suspect in a murder case and is taken in for interrogation. At the police station he meets the investigating detectives and instead of answering their questions, begins to share his wisdom with them.

As a mystery fan I had a lot of fun with this manga by Tamura Yumi! The story serves some typical genre tropes and also brings in new and entertaining aspects. I especially liked all interactions between characters, when the protagonist began explaining a different perspective on their respective issues.

Totonō really is an interesting protagonist, who of course ends up being the one who solves the murder he is accused of and then gets further involved in new cases.

While furigana make it fairly easy to look everything up, there is some genre-related specific vocabulary used:

Vocabulary list

I’ve put together a short vocabulary list for this manga, while reading it myself. I’ve included words that were new to me and that are specific to detective stories.

This is not a full list of all vocabulary used!

The manga is free to read right now on bookwalker because it was turned into a drama (which is also great from what I’ve seen!).

You can read the first two volumes under this link until the 31st of March 2022:

Length: 190 pages

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