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[N4] 黒コウモリと白コウモリ

Sakasa is a bat with large, black wings, who one day meets Minmi, a bat with smaller white wings. Both of them seem to be completely different from another. But maybe they can still trust and support each other... Sakasa and Minmi This story by Endo Kazuhiko tells a beautiful tale about differences and similarities,… Continue reading [N4] 黒コウモリと白コウモリ

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Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

Graded readers are a helpful tool for language learners, providing shorter books specifically tailored to their current level of reading comprehension. The vocabulary, grammar, and length of the books are carefully selected to match the reader's proficiency and to make sure that they can follow the story without too much difficulty - sometimes even without… Continue reading Graded readers for Japanese – where to start

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Japanese Reading Challenge 2022 #dokushochallenge

Reading is such a good tool to improve your Japanese language abilities and one way to have fun with tracking your progress is a reading challenge! I've finally started a reading journal this year and really wanted to include some sort of challenge as well. I looked around and liked @studywithkat's challenge for learners of… Continue reading Japanese Reading Challenge 2022 #dokushochallenge